Product Fundamentals: Customer Management Platform

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Enabling stakeholders to collaborate and act on customers’ and businesses’ financial data.

Our Customer Management Platform (CMP) is a cloud-based web application that allows clients to securely build a single 360-degree view of each customer, manage real-time insights, and automate alerts and notifications, all in one dashboard. 

Your Data

Your core banking data remains completely secure and is not shared with anyone else when processed within the API. We make sure your data is private and secure and is set up for your sole consumption. 

The CMP allows you to collect, unify, and visualize different forms of data, including:

Primary data: acquired directly from the user and Pngme’s SDK

Secondary data: intake from existing digital repository, structured and labeled by the Pngme API

Tertiary data: connections to third parties, such as credit bureaus or identity providers

Single view of the customer

Gain a single unified view of your users’ financial data across all platforms and channels, including:

  • Connected accounts 
  • Real-time insights
  • Alerts
  • Financial profile

Real-time insights on the customer

Customer’s financial data profiles update in real-time, allowing you to gain immediate insights, including:

  • Debt-to Income ratio
  • Cashflow
  • Estimated monthly income
  • Income consistency
  • Savings

Automated alerts and notifications

Swiftly manage alerts and notifications at scale:

  • Customize alerts that signal positive or negative customer behavior
  • Trigger messaging or new products based on customer behavior
  • Easily export or download data

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