‘There Are 400 Million People In Sub-Saharan Africa That Don’t Have Formal Credit Files’ Pngme’s Brendan Playford

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Pngme’s Founder and CEO, Brendan Playford appeared on the Tearsheet podcast to speak with Zack Miller, Editor-in-Chief about Pngme’s plans in 2021.The 20min interview provides a focused snapshot of our vision for financial inclusion and how Pngme and companies like it, are providing the infrastructure and services for thin-file, credit invisible individuals in Africa and beyond.

“2020 was an interesting year for African financial services. We saw Stripe buy Nigeria’s Paystack, its largest acquisition anywhere, and other firms raise significant venture capital. Pngme is one of the firms contributing to the next stage of growth on the continent. Brendan Playford is founder and CEO of the firm which offers a unified financial data API for Africa. As financial services mature, the various platforms, networks and institutional ecosystems need a way to standardize and share their customers’ financial data.

Brendan joins us on the podcast to talk about African fintech and what’s been happening there of late. We talk about where the opportunities are and where the market may head over the next few years. Lastly, we drill down into Pngme’s product offering, strategy, and expansion plans.”


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